Surrounded by the deep-blue and endless ocean, the Greek Islands is a paradise for adventure lovers. Therefore, water sports activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving have gained immense popularity in Greece. The country with over 16000 kilometres of coastline fascinates millions of diving enthusiasts every year. Many tour operators and diving schools provide this type of exciting services to travellers. Do you want to be one of those lucky travellers and explore the incredible aquatic life? Then you can choose any one of the following 10 best snorkelling and diving spots in the Greek Islands to fulfil your dreams. 



Crete is the largest among all the Greek Islands. The island is full of beautiful beaches where you can participate in several water activities. The north coast of Crete is more easily accessible, and you can also find many suitable places to stay here. Located in the suburbs of Crete’s Lefkogia village, Skinaria Beach happens to be one of the most fantastic locations for snorkelling in Greece. People also refer it to Shinaria Beach. No matter whatever you call it, the place fills your heart with its heavenly beauty. The pure blue water of the Mediterranean Sea and powder-like sand please your senses, and you would like to spend some relaxing moments on the beach. The less explored flora and fauna in the submarine area are beyond beautiful. Kids also enjoy playing in the tidal pools on the seashore. So, Crete can be a great destination if you are going on a trip with your family.



The island of Corfu is a little bit of Italy in Greece. The island was under the rule of Venice for more than 100 years from the fall of Byzantium to the establishment of modern Greece. Even today, most of the citizens can speak fluent Italian. Also, the architecture of Corfu has an authentic Italian impression in it. Therefore, the island town of Corfu offers you a perfect combination of cultural tradition and natural beauty. Among all the beautiful beaches in Corfu, Avlaki Beach is the most suitable destination to fulfil your fantasies of diving and snorkelling. Not only the rich marine life but also the sailing lessons are an additional attraction of this beach. You can also savour some delicious meals in the nearby taverns of Avlaki Beach. Corfu has some other incredible locations such as Agios Georgios Beach, Bataria Beach, and Rodovani Beach for enjoying adventurous water activities. 



If you are in search of best snorkelling and diving spots in the Greek Islands, then Cephalonia will stand up to your expectations. Foki Beach in Cephalonia serves as the most sought after location for snorkelling among 6000 Greek Islands. The surrounding native forests and cliffs contribute to the perfect setting of the beach. During the summer months, hoards of travellers gather in this beach to indulge in snorkelling. Your trip to Foki Beach in Cephalonia will be worth the price.



Situated on the southern side of Ionian sea between Italy and Greece, Zakynthos or Zante is a significant one among all the big-sized Greek Islands. The breathtaking beaches of Zante are renowned for providing shelter to the endangered Caretta Sea Turtle. The dramatic landscape of this beach is picture-perfect due to the presence of mighty mountains. Snorkelers can explore the fantastic marine caves in the beaches of Zante. Located on the island’s south coast, Laganas has some excellent snorkelling sites in its vicinity. However, Gerakas beach remains the most suitable spot of the Greek Islands for snorkelling due to its stunning underwater landscape.



Though the island of Paro is not so popular among travellers, Kolymbithres beach of Paros is a snorkelling site straight out of your dreams. Due to the less number of tourists, the ambience of this island is quiet and peaceful. After indulging in underwater activities in the crystal-like sea, you can go on exploring the delicious local cuisines in the nearby beach restaurants.  In these eateries, you will be served freshly caught fishes from the sea.



The Greek Island of Naxos serves all kinds of travellers. The capital city of Naxos, Chora offers you unparalleled archaeological sites, stunning beaches and vibrant streets to explore. If you are in search of snorkelling opportunities, then the west coast of Naxos is your ideal place. You can go to either Abram Beach or Aliko beach for the best snorkelling experience. The underwater experience in these beaches also provides you with a glimpse of the ancient ruins of  Naxos’ Mycenaean city.



Though Mykonos rose to fame because of its vibrant nightlife and party culture, it is also a great destination to experience snorkelling. There are beautiful beaches like Paradise Beach, Elia Beach and Paraga Beach where you can discover the eye-catching aquatic life and deep blue water of Aegean Sea. If you want a combination of both night outs and natural beauty, then Mykonos can ideally be your next travel destination.



A 15-minute bus ride from the island town of Kos will take you to some incredible snorkelling destinations in the nearby area. Especially the rocky stretch on the Island’s south-west coast is ideal for underwater activities like snorkelling. The gentle currents of the cold crystal clear sea will add to your experience. However, you need to be an efficient swimmer and experienced snorkeler if you are looking for a more immersive experience under the sea.



No matter whether you are in quest of the best snorkelling and diving spots in the Greek Islands or just want to relax by the beach, Rhodes will not disappoint you with its mesmerising beauty. The ancient ruins on the acropolis, medieval crusader castles, the walled cities of Rhodes and Lindos and colourful pubs make Rhodes island one of the most promising destinations for a wholesome vacation. Being the second-largest Greek Island, Rhodes have several snorkelling destinations including the most beautiful Anthony Quinn Bay. Kallithea, St. Paul’s Bay Beach, and Haraki Beach are some other preferable options on Rhodes Island for a great snorkelling experience.



Lying in the northern part of Aegean Sea, the beaches of Thassos are aptly suitable for underwater activities like snorkelling and diving. You must include Aliki Beach in your bucket list if you want a unique experience of snorkelling. The surreal underwater landscape of this beach will soothe your eyes with its mesmerising beauty.



The marine life of the Greek Islands is more beautiful than your expectation and imaginations. However, there are no better ways than snorkelling and diving to explore the underwater world. The best snorkelling and diving spots in Greek Island are waiting to be discovered. Come, visit and immerse yourself in the endless beauty of Greece! 

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