Ideal Weight For Children

Many people in the world think that their child is suffering from the weight problem. But in reality, every child has its weight depends on its muscle maturity. It cannot be considered as a health concern until and unless Your child is out of the ideal body mass index. If your child is having high amount of fat in his or her body then you should be considered as overweight. In order to know about the proper maintenance and ideal weight of the child, we need to understand some facts and details to know more about it. You can also check the body Mass index of your child at this website

Understand childhood weight problems

Understand childhood weight problems
Understand childhood weight problems

Even if your child is looking very cute in his fat cheeks and fat knees, it might be possible That your child might suffer from certain health issues and concerns in future. At this early stage, it is very important to keep a check and regulation on the eating habits and activities of children so that they would not suffer from any kind of weight problem. If it is not properly, it can lead to the Risk of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, asthma and many more. Diagnosing with the health issues and concerns at the early stage is very important because it will help to create A better environment for the child which will help him to develop physically and mentally in a better way as he gets older. Let’s discuss what are those five key points which you should be keeping mind to guide your children so that they can achieve their ideal weight.

5 tips to maintain a healthy weight

1. Develop healthy eating habits

Develop healthy eating habits

You should be taking care of the eating habits of your children So that there will be a proper check on the nutritional value they intake. There should be proper nutrition in their diet which should be full of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, fibres, protein and good fats. If this nutrition is not appropriate, then it will cause Some kind of health issues in your children. You should Give more vegetables and And fruits to your child which are full of fibres. Also, you can feed your child with multicolour fruits which are full of vitamins. You can encourage your children to consume less off sugar content beverages and more of fibre content fruits and vegetables which would help them in the long-term to build a strong and healthy physique.

2. Limit calorie-rich temptation

limit calorie-rich temptation

It is very important to cut down the calorie intake because it would lead to the creation of more fat in the body if you don’t consume that energy in your activities. All the high fats Foods such as fast foods, oily foods Or not good for you. Children used to eat salty snacks and foods in childhood and this is the most common mistake every parent ignore. You don’t have to allow your children to eat these foods frequently or regularly, you can just permit them to eat this kind of unhealthy foods only in rare situations when there is no healthy option available around. You can prepare some healthy snacks for them to Consume easily. You can prepare Baked banana chips or you can even handover them fruits like an apple on Banana. if it is not possible to arrange the foods at the time, then you can prepare some home-made high fibre and low sugar meal such as oats, milk, dry fruits etc.

3. Help children to live active

Apart from keeping a check on the diet intake, Parents should also encourage children to involve in physical activities and fun games Which ensures their regular moment of the body. This kind of physical activities will help them to utilise or consume the energy that they consumed from the food we have eaten in this way the extra amount of energy will not be stored in the body In terms of fat. There are many benefits of physical activities apart from maintaining a healthy weight such as It will help them to fight from the anxiety and keep their mood alive of the day. It would also help them to decrease the risk of blood pressure and heart diseases. The physical activities will also help them to strengthen their bones and muscles. If your child is between the age of three years to 17 years, then it is necessary for him to do physical activity or involved in the physical games for at least 60 minutes a day so that the energy they consumed can be used positively.

4. Reduce sedentary time

Reduce sedentary time

It is too risky for the eyesight and mental development of children if they watch Digital gadgets and television more than usual time. It will increase the risk of and anxiety, high blood pressure, heart diseases, weak eyesight, headache much more if they are over watching the screen. It should be mandatory for them to use nice video games and surf less on the internet than usual time. It is too bad if your children below the age of five Have started spending his more time on the screen rather than playing indoor and outdoor games. In the long term, it will make him introvert and hence they will not stay happy with the people around them. To solve this issue, you can encourage your children to play fun games and activities with their siblings or if they are not having any siblings or someone to play with them, you can spare your time to play with them. This will help them to involve in other activities rather than just watching screen.

5. Ensure adequate sleep

 Ensure adequate sleep

It is believed and scientifically proven that more than 60% of the growth of the children happens when they fall asleep. During the sleep time, their body starts functioning and it will provide proper nutrition to call the tissues and organs of the body through the blood. If they Are taking proper rest and sleep, then the overall development will be good in their body. If they are not taking proper sleep, then they will face health concerns like tiredness, headache, weak eyesight end slow body growth. Hence it is very important to take proper sleep for the overall development and growth of your children.


Follow all the tips mention about to take care of the proper health and wellness of your child so that he can perform well in his life To achieve great milestones. If the physical and mental health is good, then everything will be fine with your children. Help them to Were more about their bodyweight end activities so that they can achieve ideal body weight.

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