How to donate bit on twitch

Money twitch users have been seen to donate bits on the platform while Streaming or surfing. This is a kind of virtual currency which you donate on the twitch platform. If there is any kind of work of the influencer which you like on the platform, then to support them with some amount of money you can donate a virtual currency termed as bits on the platform. This is generally a small kind of support to the influencer or someone who is there to affect you in some way or other by delivering his content to your screen.

What are Bits?

When you are tipping an influencer on the platform, it is considered as cheering to the content creator. In this way, one bit is equal to one cheer. Many users donate their favourite content creator on the platform in a small amount or large amounts. As far as the content creator has $100 in his account, then he will be able to withdraw the money. In this way, all the process takes place with the involvement of the donors and an attitude channel. The website also holds a share of 25% to the maintenance and running of the platform.

What kind of Donations are these?

This is not a kind of market where you just give and buy something from someone. This is a kind of process in which You use your credit card or debit card to pay or cheer for your favourite content creator and the content creators in written receive an amount in his account. This is just a kind of support to your favourite influencer who is making your time funky and helping you to boost your mood. You are just giving him a small amount of money which doesn’t matter for you at all.

What is Twitch Platform?

Twitch is an American broadcast channel where many popular or new user broadcast their video game channel on the platform. Many users who have subscribed to the website go to see the different kinds of games and the ways to clear the level from a Different kind of player on the platform. It is very simple to understand that some players are broadcasting their gaming skills on the website and some users are watching their skills to learn or entertain themselves. There is also a system of donation which takes place between the user and the content creator.

How to Buy bits?

Once you login to the channel on the Twitch Platform then you can find many options loaded on the website. Among those several options, you will be able to find the option of buying bits. There are a lot of options among which you can choose to buy an optimum amount of bits On the website which offers a range of 100 bits to 25000 bits In different amounts of money.

How to Buy bits

How to donate Bits on Twitch?

There are two best methods to donate on the twitch platform to support your favourite streamer or influencer or content creator. Many users on the platform broadcast their video game playing skill which needs to be supported to push their livelihood with good amenities. So follow the steps of these two simple methods to donate bits on twitch.

Method 1: Donate bits on twitch from the PC

If you are running the twitch website from the laptop or PC, then you can donate to your favourite streamer very easy and in simple steps.

Step 1. Just log into your account and then go to the channel where you want to tip or cheer your favourite content creator or where they live broadcasting is taking place of playing video games.

Step 2. There is an option of chatbox where you will be able to see the option off the diamond-shaped button which is responsible for the donation for cheering your streamer.

Donate bits on twitch from the PC

Step 3. Now the bits that you have purchased earlier will be reflected in your account and then you will be able to send these bits to the channel. Add your message with the cheer command like ‘cheer250’ and add a blessing note with the message and in this way your it will be shared to the channel. As this process is irreversible and non-refundable, so you need to make sure that how much amount of money you want to pay and then confirm it and send it.

Method 2: Donate Bits on twitch from the Mobile

If you don’t have any laptop or personal computer and running or operating the website from the mobile device, then there is also a better option to donate bits to your favourite channel. Just follow these simple steps in correct order to donate or Cheer your favourite content creator.

Step 1. Download the Twitch App on your phone then login to your account. You will be able to see all the searching option of the channels you would like to search or you would like to go.

Step 2. After navigating to the channel. You will be able to see the chatbox. In the chatbox will be able to see the diamond-shaped icon where you can donate the bits easily.

Donate Bits on twitch from the Mobile

Step 3. The process will be the same as you did on the desktop website. You need to write the cheer command and then your tip will be Transferred to the account of the channel.


These are the best two methods and required information regarding the platform and the donation process which you can perform in very simple steps. The channel is very secure from the point of you your account details safety. You can enjoy your favourite channel live broadcasting end also donate to your favourite streamer in simple ways. Just make sure that you will not be able to revise or reverse the process.

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