An average human spends more than one-third of his life sleeping, so it’s very sure that many of the population die while they are asleep. There can be many reasons why a person has such a situation that can cost his life. It’s not a very new belief in mythology; death and sleep are twin brothers. People often die during their sleep, and their close ones don’t get a proper answer on the cause of death. An ordinary death and an accidental one during sleep can be different, and in this article, we will discuss other possibilities and some common reasons people die while sleeping.

1. Insomnia

Insomnia is a disease in which a person can’t sleep. Yes, you read it correctly. The person with this problem gets a lot of difficulties to fall asleep. This disorder is a prevalent one among youngsters these days. Just for the sake of treating the disease, there are many techniques and medications. These medications can be some sedatives and other such pills, making you asleep by making your responses and impulse slow. This can be fatal if you don’t use the meds correctly. Insomniac patients do sometimes face a lot of depression, and they overdose on their pills. This can make the person fall into problems, and the impulse response can break, making the person die.

2. Mono-oxide poisoning

This is one of the most dangerous and, moreover, unknown causes of death while sleep. Our human body does have an affinity for oxygen. This oxygen does bind with the hemoglobin, and then this oxygen helps in cellular respiration. On the other hand, the affinity of hemoglobin to bind up with carbon monoxide is 20 times more than oxygen. But carbon monoxide is very much poisonous to the human body, and a person can die quickly due to this. Small reasons such as stuffing up the room with candles can fill up the entire space with its gas, making the person die while sleeping. A good number of people don’t know of such a cause, and this can be very dangerous.

3.Cardiac Arrest

Heart diseases are among the most harmful conditions in the world, and people die in thousands of numbers due to such problems. Many of these deaths do occur while people are asleep, and this may be a cause of worry. Cardiac Arrest is among the significant reasons why people die while sleeping. The good part here is the diagnosis. A general physician can easily have a look and tell the cause of death in such a case. Heart diseases are prevalent these days, and people often face these problems due to a lack of care and unhealthy habits. While sleeping, a person can die quickly due to cardiac Arrest if such unhealthy habits are not taken care of.

4.Respiratory Arrest-

Another common reason by which people can die during sleep is respiratory Arrest. Such an arrest can happen due to a lot of reasons, and so you can never be sure how to prevent it. In such an arrest, the person can die due to different socks leading to blockage of the respiratory passage, failure of lungs, and alveolar blockages are some of the reasons. Not only this much, but the respiration can cause standstill over a human body during sleep, even due cause of choking and even snoring, so you never know. Even reasons such as smoking and bronchitis can lead to harsh situations. 

5.Obstructive Sleep Apnea-

This is one of the most common reasons for how a person can die. Apnea means a condition in which a person finds it difficult to breathe. OSA is a prevalent disorder, and it occurs to a good number of people. In this, the individual starts breathing heavily due to shortness of breath. The blockage can occur in the muscles, and the contraction and relaxation of the central respiratory passages can collapse. Snoring is one of the most common symptoms one can see in OSA patients. More than 80 percent of the cases of OSA get undiagnosed, and people die a lot in their sleep due to this. It’s better to go to a doctor before it’s too late.


Another big reason by which people lose their life while asleep is Toxins. The poison in the human body can be due to a lot of ways, such as Alcoholism and tobacco. Many drugs and other such chemicals can just spread out in the body and cause sudden deaths during death. Many external and environmental factors can cause toxins in the body, causing death in sleep. Many medications to cure diseases can cause side effects and can poison the body or cause the failure of different organs and their systems. Many sedatives and such drugs can induce slow poising, which can be fatal, and most importantly, the person dies, and no such external symptom is seen.


Sometimes, people don’t know how much even a small trauma or stroke can be dangerous. Sometimes a strike on the critical and delicate areas such as ribs, the cranium doesn’t look fatal on the outer side but can be very injurious on the inner one. This trauma can exaggerate due to staying at a position for long. During sleep, much of the body gets slow down, and many organs do reduce their work function; hence this trauma can induce a good number of problems in the body. Even the slightest of trauma or injury sometimes costs life. The best thing is to be aware of these injuries and keep good care of them.


 It might look extraordinary to hear about this, but Suffocation can really be a significant cause. People sometimes really pack up the entire room with minimal ventilation so the place can get full of carbon dioxide and monoxide. Again this can take you to carbon monoxide poisoning. Many other problems can occur due to Suffocation, such as shortness of breath. In many cases, the shortness can damage many of the vital organs making the person die in the long run. Suffocation may lead to problems, so it’s better to keep the room full of ventilation. Things will get better if the ventilation is excellent.


A clot or a Hemorrhage can make a person die during sleep. The reasons can be in good numbers. The most common being a medical history or an injury. People die due to this within no time, and the worst part is that you cannot save the person if the treatment is not done immediately. Many shocks can cause such a problem also. Physical and even a mental shock can cause sudden death due to a hemorrhage. Even it was found that scary dreams also trigger such kinds of incidents making the person lose his life.


Don’t be surprised here as it is actually the most common cause of death while sleeping. According to data, most of the people who are murdered were sleeping during the incident. You obviously cannot control murder, so better close your doors and windows well before sleeping.


Death during sleep is widespread, and here in the article, we discussed some of the common reasons for such a death. The biggest problem with such deaths is the cause remains unknown. There are ways by which some of them can be prevented, but eventually, a sudden death, especially in sleep, is very hard to notice and take care of. The most common ways, such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning and Suffocation, can be easily taken care of. People can easily take care of their environment, eating habits, and hygiene to prevent such conditions. We hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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