Clearest Leakes in US


The United States is full of natural wonders and rich resources. However, in the era of increasing water pollution, the pristine lakes of the US receive special attention from travellers all across the world. Most of these lakes are alpine lakes, settled amidst mighty mountains. A road trip or weekend picnic to one of these lakes can take your stress away with their beauty and serene ambience. Outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, boat ride, or other water sports make your time in these lakes more fun-filled and exciting. The below-mentioned top 10 clearest lakes in the US should be on your bucket list if you like to spend some time in the lap of mother nature.

1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The biggest alpine lake of North America, Lake Tahoe, is divided between Nevada and California. The enormous water body is placed at the height of 6225 ft in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This 1645 ft deep lake is home to various aquatic animals. Considering the crystal-like clarity of the water, the lake is regarded as one of the clearest lakes in the US. Not only the lake itself but also the surrounding location is a gorgeous sport to hang out with your family and friends. Mountain biking and hiking are the most popular activities in this area. Also, during the winter, travellers indulge in snowboarding and skiing. Every year, around 3 million visitors come to this lake.

2. Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Located in Oregon, The centuries-old volcanic mountain Mount Mazama is set amidst picturesque surroundings in the United States. In reality, crater lake is a caldera of this volcanic mountain. More than 7000 years ago, this ancient lake was shaped because of a massive volcanic eruption. With its signature deep blue coloured water, Crater lake has the most depth among all the lakes in the US. The primary sources of water in this lake are snowfall and rainfall. Hence, the waterbody is crystal clear and transparent. A 30 ft. long old tree trump which remains vertically  afloat  in this lake is called “Old Man of the Lake.” This area also has a lot of scope for adventurous outdoor activities and offers excellent views to enjoy.

3. Lake Coeur d’Alene

 Lake Coeur d’Alene

More than 55 lakhs ancient glacial lakes are located in the Idaho area and among them, the most spectacular one is Lake Coeur d’Alene. The waterbody is situated over an area of 55 miles with a beautiful shoreline of 109 miles. Adventure lovers take pleasure in the spectacular North Idaho Centennial Trail. During the summer season, visitors can enjoy some quality time in the surrounding beaches of this area. If you are a photographer, then this location is ideal to click some great shots.

4. Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan

Being the third deepest lake in the United States, Lake Chelan in Washington has been in existence since the Ice Age. This 1486 feet deep lake is situated in Lucerne and Wapato basins. If you are travelling to Lake Chelan, then you can stroll in the nearby vineyards. Trekking in the adjacent mountains or going to the small local towns can be some other enjoyable activities as well. The spot is ideal for young couples who are looking for a romantic and peaceful environment.

5. Lake George

 Lake George

Located amidst the busing city of New York, the serene Lake George feels like an oasis. Lake George is also regarded as “Queen Of Lakes” because of its ethereal beauty and blue shade. Annually, over 50000 travellers from different parts of the USA visit this magnificent lake which has a length of 32 miles. Water skiing, kayaking, jet skiing and rafting are some of the most famous water sport activities that tourists enjoy in this place.

6. Flathead Lake

 Flathead Lake

Located on the west side of Mississippi in Montara, Flathead Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States. This enormous sized lake of 188 square miles looks spectacular because of its shimmering blue water. Adventure lovers can enjoy the varied range of water sport activities in this lake. Besides these fun-filled activities, you can indulge in the rich flora and fauna of the surrounding area. Wild birds and blue orchids are some of the main attractions in the vicinity. Also, you cannot miss out on the nearby excellent golf courses.

7. Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

The jaw-dropping beauty and transparent turquoise water make Hanging lake a fantastic destination to visit in the USA. Located in Colorado, the place is renowned for its gorgeous views. The lake is formed on the verge of Glenwoods Canyon cliffs. Limestone deposits have helped to construct this waterbody; therefore, it is an elusive natural miracle. The Hanging Lake trail is one of the most popular walks in the Colorado area, and the hike takes you to this pristine water body.

8. Newfound Lake

Newfound Lake

Situated in the middle of New Hampshire, Newfound Lake is one of the clearest lakes in the US. Magnificent mountains and enormous forests enclose the waterbody. Several underground springs exist under the lake. Therefore, the water gets refreshed twice every year. In the west side of the lake, there is Wellington State Park where travellers can stroll around and inhale the beauty of nature. Also, you can get a refreshing bath in New Hampshire’s freshwater swimming beach.

9. Torch Lake

Torch Lake

The Torch Lake in Michigan is undoubtedly one of the most pristine lakes in the US that exactly appears like the Caribbean Sea. The turquoise coloured water has offered the lake a surreal appearance. The widely stretched waterbody is the largest inland lake in Michigan. 14 lakes including the Torch lake are interconnected with each other through rivers in entire Michigan. Several travellers cover a distance of 100 miles on the boat throughout these lakes. Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and boating are some of the great activities that you can opt for in this area. 

10. Deer Lake

Deer Lake

Rainfall is the primary source of clear and untarnished water in this lake. Though the lake is only 121 ft. deep, it is located over a land of 400 acres. Navigation while boating can be quite tricky due to the rocks and reefs present under the water. People often refer to this lake as a colour transforming lake because the watercolour is changed from blue to green. This event occurs because of the high mineral content existing in the water.  Deer lake is one of the most favourite tourist spots in Minnesota.


With the increasing amount of water pollution for the past few years, it is hard to find unpolluted and clean water bodies. However, the clearest lakes in the US have still managed to maintain their pristine appearance. Therefore, the untouched beauty of these lakes draws the attention of travellers from all across the world. If spending some beautiful moments amidst nature is what you are looking for, then these lakes of America will be able to fulfil your desire.

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