Is there a better place to spend your vacations other than lying down on the warm sand facing the sun with sounds from the ocean?  According to a survey the most favoured places that people selected as their vacation hotspots were mountains and beaches. Beaches are places to relax and enjoy. All you need there is a bottle of chilled bear and a sunscreen lotion for a sexy tan. The main problems with beaches are its expense. Normally a beach is a completely different zone and is away from the city hence everything becomes costly over there. You can afford it nevertheless at least for a few days but to live there can be financially heavy.

Well, don’t you worry about this. We are here with  the solution and next in the article you can get to know the 9 cheapest places to live on the beach in the entire world


You cannot ignore Vietnam from your list if one is talking about the cheapest places on earth. Hoi An is one among those towns in the world which has a very limited population but is one of the best and cheapest places consisting of a beach to live in. It is a beautiful town with clean beaches and people are very much busy in their own life so you get a lot of private space. Also beaches are a major attraction for tourists, and a cheap town such as Hoi An is very hard to miss on a trip to Vietnam hence the business is very much on tourism. There are a lot of job opportunities over the place and you can get a beer at low prices such as $0.86. it is very close to the main center of Vietnam hence you will get a connection of resources. 


The beautiful island of Malaysia is said to be the cheapest place where you can find a living near the sea beach and live life to its fullest. It is a possibility over this place that you can get waves of the ocean striking your doorstep. The place is famous for this low costs and wonderful nature. Even the place provides great exploration opportunities as it is surrounded by dense evergreen forest. Malaysia has a great history and hundreds of mysterious temples. One gets a complete package out there. Penang is known as the food island of Malaysia because of the cheap rates available to hundreds of exotic dishes. The living cost is very low and hence it attracts beach lovers. The transport is great and at a very easy access.

2. Algarve, Portugal

It’s actually hard to digest the fact that a place with so much crowd attraction, beautiful beaches and warm sunny days has a very low cost when it comes to living. It’s very hard to believe that one of the most famous places in Portugal gives you a very cost effective way of living. You can’t ignore the fact that Portugal is a very unique place and has its own way culture and tradition. However people accept foreigners very swiftly and even English is spoken widely. One can have a classic dinner just at low prices as $10. The town obviously attracts many foreigners and hence is a big tourist spot. Coming to the beach, you can’t stop yourself falling in love with the place. The water is moreover clear and the beaches has sunny days than all other places in the world.

3. Taghazout, Morocco

If you my friend are a tech lover and a beach person then this place is for you. Taghazout has a brilliant hyper fast speed internet connection which is actually a gift by Western Europe to the place. However the prices are very less and hence, in the recent times it became a major hotspot attracting hundreds of different youngsters. It gives you a perfect blend  of nature combined with technology hence is a great place to live in. you can get cheap places at rent to work and the prices are actually amazingly very low. Other than this, the ocean attracted to the place is an attraction for surfing livers. You will find people on their surf boards over big waves enjoying their time. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a low costing beach and a town full of high technology and superfast internet this place is for you.


This one is another place to add a chapter to your dream project. The beach is so amazing and attractive that one will keep on dreaming about a beautiful house near the shore. The town is not a very big one and moreover is a party place but that actually creates opportunities for people who want to work and settle down. You can get a one bedroom apartment over the place at a very low price as $230. Surfing is a must here also. The difference mainly in this matter is the fact that even if you are new to surfing the water can be soft on beginners. To summarize things up for this location, Canggu is a great place to live in, but the only problem that can arise here is getting mixed up with people.


If you want a beach place just beside USA then this is your spot which you are looking for. This island has a warm environment all over the year and hence the smooth weather is a great attraction. On the cost effectiveness term the island is very great as compared to the USA. It is a small place with limited resources and a beautiful beach. The main capital city is just a three hours’ drive which gives you very efficient job opportunities. The place is all about fun and the beaches here provide a great experience. You have all the basic facilities as medical and others and one can have peaceful family life here. And never miss the fact that a clean and beautiful beach is available at your doorsteps to have a fun time


Here is another place near the USA and this one is even more slow and relaxing. The town is so peaceful that you can feel the breeze flowing and hear the sounds of birds chirping. Water sports are very common here as the ocean is having deep waters and winds flowing with high velocity. Many big cities are just a few hours away from the location and hence all over a perfect and cost efficient place. But on the other side resources are very much conserved.  The lunch and fooding are very efficient and it feels like eating for free.


If you are fond of diving deep into the fresh ocean and exploring the beauty beneath it then Thailand is the place. The islands have attracted many entrepreneurs and new business investors to settle there but still the place is very cost efficient. The mountains and the deep forest surrounding the ocean give a scary but beautiful look. It also opens the opportunity for hiking and exploring. The beach really is very smooth and the water is pretty quite. It is the perfect beauty and one of the best places for swimmers.


Eastern Europe is not a bad option and staying in Europe at low price rates is actually a great deal. There is a sexy beach, mountains, forests and many such natural beauties which gives you the perfect scenery. Even many celebrities do visit the place and like to spend time over the place. If you are paying $2 for a can of bear then we don’t think it is a bad idea to be there.


Beaches actually are a very great opportunity for business. But there are places as listed above which can provide fun at lower rates. All of these have their own specialties and beauties and are worth visiting.

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