Social-Emotional Development- Child Development-BOYS FRIENDSHIP

It is believed that every child needs to share his thoughts whatever running in his mind to keep his mental health in a good condition. If any of the children struggling to express their thoughts then he’s certainly experiencing depression or pressure in his life. This pressure is not intended to intensify the mental health of the children because it is a very serious matter to look and hence every child needs to have a similar friend with whom he can share his thoughts and ideas so that he can get very well-nourished the social-emotional development in his life.

Child Development:

Is it the early stage of life of a child where he begins to get mature in all his physical and mental up-gradation? In this age, children start believing in the children of their age and hence they tend To make close friends on their age. Sometimes it can be seen that children’s are getting there interested and exposure Only because of the thought of the other children. There are hundreds of child who needs to take care of their mental health so that they can get up very well social-emotional development despite the pressure of society.

The Importance of Close Friendship:

The children need to keep a close friendship with their neighbours and other children of their age because they have to share their feelings and express their thoughts within the group so that they can spend good quality time with the children of their age. The close friendship is directly related to the velocity of mental health because it is constantly pushing the desires and thoughts of the children with one another. If you want to express yourself then you cannot do it by talking to yourself, you just need someone else of your age and someone who can relate to your thoughts and expression because then only you will be able to express yourself confidently.

It would be a very drastic condition for those children who lose a friend of their age at such an early stage because they are not emotionally strong and determined to handle the pressure in depression the get from losing a cool friend Of their age. If it is seen as an important component of life, then the male friends of the children hold a very strong position in this segment because With them they can share their deepest secrets and also they help each other to play so many competitions together.

Loss of Friendship in adulthood:

Not everybody is that much fortunate in his life to have a friend forever. Whether a person is rich or poor, white or brown, far or near, he might have lost one of his nearby at once in his life. It has been seen that many people in the world are suffering from losing a close friend in their adulthood because the kids get older, their choices of interest and ways of success start getting different. It is just like reaching the goal without having a best friend in the middle of their age where they can divert their mind and get through new friends and family. In general, it is normal that every best friend in childhood become a close friend as we get older and then he will get in the general list of friends as we get older.

Many friends get fed with the time as they are having other things to do in life but it is the relationship and behaviour between the people who makes it strong and safe for the future. If anybody wants to get in contact with each other for a very long time, then they have to make sure that they will share all their feelings and express their love towards each other in such a way that every close friend do. If you are facing any kind of difficulty or any kind of hesitation between friends, then you have to make sure that you share every feeling to them so that they will be able to find out how do you feel when you are alone how you feel when you are with them.

Change in nature and behaviour:

It is also a matter of hard times and good times because it is the true time when everybody gets to know who is their real friends and a close one. If anybody is facing a tense in their life, then they search for a true friend who can stand beside them and in this way everybody finds a true friend in their life. But sometimes there are so many conditions and circumstances affect people in such a way that they are not able to help their friends even if they want. Hence it is suggested that not to judge anybody in one time because it might be the pressure of their circumstances which doesn’t allow them to take a stand. Also in good times, everybody wants to join you because of your pride moment. This thing should not be considered in the case of true friends because everybody wants to share your happiness and moments with you in your happy times.

If you want to check the perception and behaviour of the people, then you can go for a time analyse where you will be able to find the nature and behaviour of the friends in a long period. If the stand beside In your hard times for so long, then it will be proved that They are really helpful and you are blessed with true kind of people in your life. If anything like doesn’t happen with you in your hard times, then you will find out who is the most important member of your life. It is not a matter of fact that your friend is a girl or a gay, but it is the emotion which matters a lot that you share with him. It is always recommended to have a friend with whom you can express your feelings and thoughts so that you can stay mentally active and fit which is the most required condition of your life. If you ever face such kind of situation in your life, then you have to think again and take your decisions regarding the steps which you need to take.


You cannot always be pressurised by the society in terms of making your friendship circle around just masculinity and A friend who takes a stand. You can also go for selecting those people who understand your thoughts and expressions because it will help you to stay mentally stable and strong.

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