When it comes to bikes, there are several different types of bikes available in the market. No matter what reason is behind you purchasing a bike, may it be for added fitness or for avoiding the long queues waiting for the next bus or train to travel, choosing the right bike is extremely important. There are multiple types of bikes, each of which serves a relatively different purpose.

The most basic and the first thought that hits our head when thinking of a bike is a regular one. A regular bike is a lightweight bicycle that is designed with drop handlebars and narrow tires. These bikes are perfect for riding on a smooth pavement. Furthermore, a regular bike also can be used for on road racing. Although regular bikes can cause some discomfort when riding on uneven pavements, these are the most commonly used bicycles. Regular bikes also are extremely suitable for travelling and commuting as well, although it is not suited for carrying any load that is too heavy.

However, today, BMX bikes have become the most loved types of bike for children. A BMX bike or a Bicycle Moto Cross although somewhat resembles a regular bicycle, there are certain minor as well as major differences in both its structure as well as its functioning. Such BMX bikes are specifically designed for riding them on an uneven pavement and is suitable for trying certain tricks and stunts as well. Collectively it can be stated that these BMX bikes are extremely sturdy and can be very conveniently used for long distance traveling as well.

In general, there are three types of BMX bikes: a true BMX bike, a freestyle one and a dirt jumper. Each of these are slightly different from each other. While all the three are rugged in nature, freestyle one is more suitable for stunts and a dirt jumper is one that is suitable for both playing tricks as well as for long riding experience even on the uneven pavements.

There are many minor as well as major differences which can be spotted and understood between a regular bike and a BMX bike.

The difference in the appearance of a regular bike and a BMX bike include:


Since a regular bike is designed for regular travelling long distance and in a good speed. The gears are suitable enough for going down or even coming up those hilly slopes.

Since top bmx bikes are designed for travelling on even pavements and for playing some tricks and making smooth jumps as well, it generally use a single gear system. BMX bikes thus are no suitable for climbing on mountains and do not possess multiple gearing systems.


Although tyres look extremely similar, a regular bike has tires that are rigid and groovy that provides a good grip on muddy paths or slippery glass and loose gravel. This is what makes a regular bike extremely travel friendly.

The tyres of a BMX bike however is less groovy and more smoother. However, they still provide grip which is good for travelling on smoother surfaces like concrete, wood, and so on. The tyres are sturdy enough to travel on uneven pavements as well.


The brakes that are present in a regular bikes are such that can be helpful in stopping on sharp descents. Thus, a regular bike usually have disc brakes with a cable system attached from the handlebars and extends till the clips on the bike frame.

A BMX bike is installed with a V braking system. This is a type of brake that squeezes the tires for stopping the bike, and thus makes this bike safe and well suited for stunts.


A regular bike possess a 45 inch long tubes on its frame, giving it a larger and spacious appearance. The regular bike thus appears larger and is comparatively more heavy weighted than a BMX bike.

A BMX bike on the other hand has a 20 inch tube on its frame, not only making it appear smaller but also contributing greatly to its lightweight. Furthermore, this design adds o the stunt feature of the bike and allows smooth jumps and tricks.

Other differences between a regular bike and a BMX bike:


A regular bike is more heavy weighted than a BMX weight. This makes it unsuitable for carrying an extremely heavy load. However, a regular bike is still well suited for travelling long distance very smoothly.

A BMX bike is extremely lightweight, which is why is becomes very suitable for performing tricks and stunts. One of the greatest reason why a BMX bike is light weighted is because it is made of materials like chrome steel alloy and aluminum which are extremely light.


The wheels of a regular bike is made up of the regular materials that are used for making the frame of the bike. However, when it comes to BMX bikes, it is ensure that the wheels are extremely powerful and is suitable for playing the tricks and stunts. These wheels are usually smaller in size as compared to a regular bike and gives great grip and for riding in uneven pavements and playing tricks.


Although every bike that is made for varying purposes are aimed at being made extremely strong and rugged, when it comes to a BMX bike, it is more durable than a regular one this is because a BMX bike is a stun friendly bike and also is light weighed, thus making it durable becomes a priority. A stunt bike always must be sturdy enough to tolerate the bangs against the wall or pavements any and every time. 


While every bike is equipped with a suspension system, a BMX bike does not have one. While on a regular bike, these suspensions are extremely helpful against the regular jerks faced while riding; this is not the case with BMX bikes. This is because a BMX bike is one that is used for stunts and the pressure from the heavy jumps will not be handles by the suspension system.


The purpose of a bike varies from one type to the other. A regular bike is one that is designed for regular travelling as well as for travelling long distances. It has multiple gears and the provision of changing gears as well. On the other hand, a BMX bike is not designed for travelling, but for performing certain stunts and tricks. They also have single gearing system that makes it suitable for short distance travelling.


A regular bike is designed for travelling long distance. This is why it has the ability to travel in speed. The motile gears allow regular bikes to gear up a high speed when travelling. However, a BMX bike also is designed in such a way that it can speed up when performing certain stunts. The BMX bikes can derive short bursts of speed for jumping or performing several tricks with the bike.


Therefore, both regular bike as well as BMX bikes resemble each other to a great extent. However, despite the resemblance, there are many features in these bikes which makes them different from each other. Not only the external features but also the functioning and the purpose of these bikes differ considerably. Thus, choose the bike according to the purpose it serves.

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