How do I become gorgeous in exactly one month?

Beauty is considered to be the most valuable asset for every person, especially women. Everyone around us is extremely conscious about being unconditionally beautiful. To upkeep the beauty levels, people ideally resort to a number of options. Some might increase their dependence on beauty parlors while others may regulate their beauty with the help of natural remedies. Irrespective of the path, they undertake, the ultimate object is to ensure that their beauty, their most valuable asset gets appreciated. However, the important question which should be raised here revolves around the confusion that whether beauty is all about looks. They might be other attributes that enhance a person’s beauty. This beauty is not only concerned about the outer looks but at the same time is concerned with the inner attributes. These inner attributes are all about personality development, confidence, and psychology of the concerned person. 

This blog post will unravel the secrets of becoming beautiful inside out. That is, it will take into consideration not only those factors which enhance the outside looks but also take into consideration those attributes which beautify the inner personality of the person. These attributes can be summarized as follows:

Switching on a healthy and balanced diet

This is quite evident that beauty gets enhanced by natural remedies. This way is far more effective than enhancing the same with the usage of artificial chemicals on the skin. The beauty which gets enhanced with the use of artificial cosmetics is ephemeral, The effects are short-lived. Therefore, there must a reliance placed over the natural remedies for beautifying the looks. Natural remedies begin with switching onto a healthy diet. A diet, which is balanced in all the respects. A balanced diet is the one that contains the appropriate quantity of every nutrient, vitamin, and mineral. The best foods which play a decisive role in this process include green-leafy vegetables, carrots, radish, cucumber cereals like jowar, bajra, and milk products like milk and curd. The next in the list comes saying no to oily and fatty acids. 

Intake of water

No matter whatever disease the person suffers from, the best remedy in every possibility is to intake the maximum amount of water, a person could. Water is the elixir of life. And there is no denial to this, it acts as the best detox. Consumption of the right quantum of water gives the best results. It not only provides glowing and nourished skin, but it also helps losing weight by eradicating the excess fat molecules which are deposited in the layers of the skin. Apart from that, water cleanses the toxicants in the body. It promotes the growth of healthy cells and tissues in the body. It also helps in regulating the body temperature. Hence, the intake of water is the best the people can do for a naturally glowing skin which will remain intact in the longer run. 

Exercise and Work-Out

The most important concern for every person nowadays is the maintenance of weight. Any thought of obesity promulgates a shiver down the spine. Hence, apart from controlling diet and intaking the apt quantum of water, exercising and working out is extremely essential for looking glamorous. There are innumerable benefits of exercising. Apart from regulating the body-weight, it plays an important role in regulating the flow of blood in the body. This ensures the adequate supply of blood to all the body parts. It prevents toned skin and gives a natural radiance to the skin. A fit body enhances the level of confidence a person has in himself/herself. Therefore, a physical workout either in the form of aerobic or a sprint walk or even yoga is the best remedy to ensure a healthy and balanced life. A person may resort to rigorous exercise or moderate exercise depending on the need of his body. Downloading some workout based apps may prove to be extremely fruitful.

Fresh Veggies and Nutrients Rich Fruits

Another way of adding to your beauty is by consuming a large number of green vegetables and fruits. They provide the body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. This adequate supply of nutrients helps to ensure glowing skin. In addition, it helps in increasing the amount of fiber in the body. This improves digestion. It also prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. The consumption of vegetables and fruits also helps in maintaining the pH levels of the body. 

Maintaining a clean hygiene

Apart from enhancing the internal consumption of nutrients and vitamins, it is equally important to maintain hygiene. In order to look glamorous, it is important to maintain clean surroundings. Take a bath daily. Rely on some natural body washes. Brushing the teeth is equally essential for well-being. This will all help in providing the person with a presentable look. 

Use different kinds of fragrances

The use of fragrance ensures that the person smells good. This instills unique confidence in the person. This enhances your outer beauty which is equally important like inner beauty. Apart from that, there is a possibility that smelling good might attract people towards you. It is important to take into consideration the manner in which the scent is used. Applying the perfumes and deodorants to the right place is very essential. In common parlance, the perfumes are applied at the wrists and behind the ears. This helps in spreading aroma faster. 

Essential Cosmetics

No doubt, there is a possibility that excess use of cosmetics that contain artificial elements might be detrimental to health. However, one needs to be extremely choosey in deciding the right product for the skin. Essentially, products like serums rich in Vitamin C and moisturizers are helpful in keeping the skin soft and subtle. Moreover, additional products like cleansers and eye creams are important to maintain the radiance of the skin. One needs to be careful that the products which are bought contain the minimum amount of chemicals. 


Last but not the least, the most important tool which plays a detrimental role in enhancing the beauty and glamour of the person is clothing. What is essential is to ensure that the clothes which one chooses are a perfect match for the person’s personality. Apart from that,  one needs to choose the clothes of the color which perfectly suits the person’s complexion. Moreover, the types of clothes worn must also complement the body shape of the person. A perfect match and balance of these variables will play an extremely useful role in enhancing the personality of the concerned person to the most. Apart from that, it is also important to take care of the seasons and the types of clothes one wears. Moreover, the person should be careful about the choice of colors. While cool colors complement the person well in summers, warm and dark colors are well suited to the person during winters. Moreover, the most important factor for looking glamorous at every occasion is to make sure that the type of clothes worn are perfectly suited to the occasion one is arriving at.  If the person takes into accord all these factors nothing can save the person from becoming the style statement of the gathering. 


Therefore, taking into consideration the gamut of the considerations above, one gets good to go. Looking glamorous in the shortest time becomes possible when the person follows these above steps as directed. There can be a scope of amendments that might vary from person to person. Apart from enhancing the health and outer beauty, one must also take into consideration the fact that even if he is lacking in certain things, he or she needs to imbibe in himself or herself the required amount of confidence to carry himself or herself in the gathering. There might be a situation wherein certain lacunas have been left in following these directions. However, what matters the most is that the person should have the confidence and guts to face the challenges of life no matter whatsoever is the situation. One needs to have in mind that psychology which allows the person to adjust in every possible surrounding. This paves a way for the person to carry himself or herself with the utmost amount of grace. This is how the real beauty of the person looks like. Glamour should not be only outside but also within. The best asset which every person carries is confidence. 

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